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 [WoW]Best server

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PostSubject: [WoW]Best server   Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:35 am

The best private server for world of warcraft is byfar the Underworld servers. Miranda and her husband Hades started these WoW server back when WoW was only at patch 2.0. I myself have been playing them since that time. They have 3 servers Underworld 2.4.3 custom, max lvl 240 , leveling road, custom mall with custom gear. Then theres Underworld Evolution 3.0.x blizzlike server , max lvl being put to 100 with some balanced custom gear. Also we can't forget about Depth of Hades. Now this server is a little different. There is custom gear when you make your character and you start at lvl 55. Max lvl is 240-255 not possitive. Custom overpowered gear. Hades edited the the instances/raid to different level and gave them hug ammounts of hp to counteract the gear.

All of these servers are great servers. So if your looking for a new WoW server check them out.
Underworld Servers
Forums where you can find Depths of Hades and Underworld
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[WoW]Best server
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